Lowest mobile Wi-Fi rental rate in Japan.  Starting from only 500 yen/day!!  4G/LTE/3G All in One.  BEST coverage in Japan

Newest mobile Wi-Fi router "Pocket WiFi"

EMOBILE Pocke tWiFi Ultrahigh-speed internet Max. 110Mbps(DL) / Mobile Wi-Fi with BEST coverage in Japan / Smartphone, tablet, etc.Up to 10 devices / Light weight: Only 118g / Continuous use: 10 hours

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Unbelievable lowest rate in Japan

Fixed rate with unlimited data use!

Rental fee calculation method

Device Rental*Japan lowest rental rate 500yen /day(+tax) + Option(ToCoo! Wide Support & USB Port ) x Rental Days

* Data transmission fees included.
  Registeration fees (500yen +tax) and mailing fees (1,000yen +tax) will be required.

Simple pick up & return method

STEP1:Order  STEP2:Delivering  STEP3:Receive the device start using!  STEP4:Return the device Finish using!  STEP5:Delivering  STEP6:We receive the device   From you received the device to the day return the device = rental days.

STEP1 Order

After decided your trip, start making reservation online!

Reservation can submit latest by 11 am 4 days before pick up date.

Enter all the details

When making the reservation, your E-mail address, credit card, etc. are required.

Choose your pick up location

Post office in airport

  • New Chitose Airport
  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 or Terminal 2
  • Haneda Airport
  • Chubu International Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Itami Airport
  • Kagoshima Airport
  • Naha Airport

The Post office near Airport

Hotel & Accommodation

Can send to the place you will be staying at.


When reservation is submitted, payment will be charged from the credit card.

We accept below credit cards
VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB

Receive "Reservation Completed" E-mail.

After reservation completed, will receive reservation details to the registered E-mail address.
*Please wait for confirmation mail from us to confirm your reservation.
*If did not receive our confirmation, might be because delivery failure of E-mail or incorrect information in the reservation form. Please contact us if do not have confirmation mail.
*Some E-mail provide like G-mail, etc might sort automatic reply mail to spam mail/junk mail folder. Please also be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder.

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STEP3 Receive the device start using

Pick up at the designated location.

Airport Post office

Can pick up the device here at the post office in the airport.
When pick up, please provide passport to confirm the name of the applicant.
Can only pick up within the business hours of the post office.

The Post office near Airport Recommended Post offeices near airports(long open hours) in case that airport post offices are closed.

Post office
You can receive a package (WIFI router,ETC card, SIM card) at a post office near an aiprort if you cannot pick it up at a post office in an airport.

Please fill the information of a post office that you prefer from the list below in the "Hotel Name" box on the application form, when you making a reservation online.

Please show a post office staff your passport as your ID (It must be the same name on a reservation).
Please be aware that you pick it up during their open hours.

* Please designate a post office near your accommodation (Ex. Airbnb *You cannot receive it at Airbnb) if you still cannot use any post offices on the list below.
Please fill the all information of your designated post office in the "Hotel Name" box on the application form, when you making a reservation online.


Please ask the hotel front desk staff for the package.
When pick up might require to provide ID (passport).

Check items in the package

Pocket WiFi AC adapter micro USB cable
Pocket WiFi AC adapter micro USB cable
Package will also including Wi-Fi user guide and envelope for returning the package.

How to use

Turn on the device.
See password on the back
of the device.
Turn on your Wi-Fi option
and enter the password to connect
to mobile Wi-Fi device.

STEP4 Return the device Finish using!

Returning the device

On the return date, please put the Wi-Fi device and all parts into the return envelope that came with the package, and bring it to a post box.

the return envelope
Do not need to write anything on the envelope.
*[NOTE] The envelope can only be maximum of 3cm thick. Please put the rental device flat in the envelope.
Can use ANY post box in Japan!
Post Office 24,500 locations
Post Box 192,300 locations
Convenient Store LAWSON 11,000 locations
MINISTOP 2,200 locations
SEICO mart 1,100 locations
Post Box

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If have any inquiry, please contact us by below method.

Inquiry Form

Reception hours: Can submit anytime.
Inquiry will be process during business hours. Weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00 Japan time.
Inquiry submitted outside of business hours will be process on the next business day.