About Wi-Fi rental

Q: Where can use Wi-Fi router?

A: Please see below URL for more information.
EMOBILE Service area

Q: I am first time user, is it difficult to use Wi-Fi?

A: We provide Wi-Fi instruction guide with the package, even first time user can easily use this device

Q: Does it include AC adopter?

A: Yes, AC adopter for Pocket WiFi GL10P will be included in the package.

Q: What is included in the rental?

A: "Pocket WiFi GL10P", "AC adopter", "microUSB cable", "Battery pack", "Wi-Fi Starter guide" will be included in the rental.

Q: How to use Wi-Fi router?

A: We provide Wi-Fi instruction guide with the package.
- Please follow below steps to connect.
  1. 1) Turn on the Wi-Fi device.
    Press the Power button on the device for about 2 seconds until the screen on the device lights up.
  2. 2) Connecting to the Wi-Fi device
  3. 3) Select the device name "GL010P-***"
  4. 4) Please enter the password.
    *You can find the password on the back of the device
    *8 digits of WPA keys
  5. 5) Succesfully connected.

*Please note*
if not using internet or Wi-Fi for more than 5 minutes,
the Wi-Fi device will automatically go into sleep mode.
You can wake it up by pressing the power button for 2 seconds

Q: How about personal privacy safety?

A: When the device returned from the customer, we will reset the device and erase all the previous information.

Q: Is the device clean?

A: The device will be cleaned and sanitization before shipping.
*There might be small dent or scratch on the body of the rental device.

Q: Any instruction guide in the package?

A: For more detailed information guide, only Japanese version is provided, please see below URL.
EMOBILE Pocket WiFi GL10P Manuals

Q: Is there data limit?

A: Basically there is no limit, however, some limited might be applied for software like file sharing.
*Please note, if watching video online for 30 minutes per day, bandwidth might be restricted.
If internet became slow even not watching videos,
please try restarting the device by pressing the power button to turn it off, and turn it on again.

Q: Is there any English manual?

A: Simple guide for English, Chinese, Korean is provided with the package.

Q: Can foreigner make a reservation?

A: If have a valid credit card and understand rental policy details, you will able to make a reservation.

Q: Can devices from overseas uses Wi-Fi?

A: If the device can use Wi-Fi, there will be no problem connecting.

Q: Can I pick up at the hotel or at my friend's house?

A: Yes, it is possible. Please select enter "hotel name/friend's name", "address" and "telephone" correctly. If the package is lost due to incorrect information, compensation fees will apply.

Q: Is the device charged and ready to use upon arrival?

A: Yes. The device will be checked and charged before sending to you.

Q: What is the deadline for reservation?

A: The latest deadline for reservation is by 11:00 Japan time 4 days before pick up date.

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Wi-Fi rental period

Q: How to calculate the rental days?

A: Pick up date will be the day starting your rental.
And, the day you send back the device will be the last date of rental.
*Please be aware of the last collect time of the post box.

Q: Can I return earlier than the scheduled return date.

A: You can return any time as long as it is within your rental period. Please note, there is no refund even if return earlier than scheduled return date.

Q: Can I extend my rental period?

A: No, it is not allow. If the device is not return on the scheduled return date, 1,200 yen/day(+tax) will be charged.

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Rental fees

Q: Any charges for data fees?

A: No, it is all included in the rental fees already.

Q: Is there any fees other than the rental fees?

A: Registration fee of 500yen/per device (+tax), and mailing fees for both ways 1,000 yen/per device (+tax) will be required. There is no other fees for pick up at the airport or data fees.

Q: If we decided to return in the middle of the rental period, can we have refund for the rest of the period?

A: There will be no refund for return earlier than the scheduled return date.

Q: What credit card can I use?

A: We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and AMEX.

Q: What is the cancellation charge policy?

A: There is NO cancellation charge if cancellation is submitted at least 7 business days before pick up date, or within 24 hours after confirmation.
In other situation, full amount of rental fees will be charged as cancellation charges.

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Pick up & Return

Q: Is the delivery fees for both way?

A: Yes, the delivery fees already included for both ways, do not need to pay for return mailing fees.

Q: Returning from oversea, can the device delivery to the hotel I am staying at?

A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: To pick up the device at the airport's post office, what information do I need to provide?

A: Please select the desired airport in the reservation form.
After select the airport, you can see the airport's post office and address.
Please enter the name of the person that will be picking up the package, and mobile number that we can reach you.

Q: What happen if I forgot to pick up the device at the airport's post office.

A: If the package is not pick up, we will ask post office to return the package. Full amount of rental fees will be charged as cancellation charges.

Q: Can I return by using any post box?

A: All mail box in Japan is possible. You can also return by bring it to a post office or convenient store (LAWSON, MINISTOP, SEICO Mart).

Q: When return on last day of the rental period, what is the latest time I have to send it?

A: It depends on the last collecting time of the mail box. Please be sure to send it before the last collecting time.
*The last collecting time might vary, we would recommend to send it during early afternoon.

Q: If the return date is on Sunday, can it be collected on time?

A: Package is still being collected during weekend and public holiday. Please be sure to send in on the return date.

Q: The "customer keep seal" is already taken off on the return envelope, can I still use it to send back the package?

A: Yes, we took the "customer keep seal" in advance already in order to check the return date.
You can send the package without it.

Q: Will you contact me if the package is returned?

A: We will not contact you if the device is returned within the scheduled time.
*We will only contact you if there is any missing item or late return.

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Having trouble

Q: Can not find the Wi-Fi signal, why is it not working?

A: The device might be in the sleeping mode,
you can reactive it by pressing on the power button for 2 seconds.

Q: We did not receive any mail from ToCoo!

A: Please be sure to allow to receive mail from "rc-cs@coo.ne.jp"
Due to different E-mail's security setting,
our mail might be sorted incorrectly. Please also check spam mail in case it is sent incorrectly.

Q: If we received firmware update, what should I do?

A: You can continuous using it updated or without updating it.

Q: I damaged the rental device, what should I do?

A: If it is damaged or exposed to water, you will be responsible for the compensation fee and replacement fees.
Compensation fees can be covered if you have purchased "Insurance Plan" in advance.
If the device is not working with normal use, please contact us directly.
We can send replacement depending on the situation.

Q: I lost my rental device, what should I do?

A: In case the device is lost, replacement fees will be required. Pocket WiFi GL10P device: 43,800 yen, AC adopter: 2,016yen, micro USB cable: 1,785yen, battery pack: 3,003 yen. (+tax)

Q: Can I make alternation for my reservation details?

A: In case you would like to make alternations or cancellation, please contact us by E-mail "rc-cs@coo.ne.jp" before we send out the package.

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